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     The Faculty Council in its session no (436) has approved to hold a seminar in 6\6\2016 of the researcher\ Latifah Abd El Rahman Abd El Sallam and to add her name to other researcher who are going to hold their seminars like ; Amira Omar , Sayed Haroun and Essam Fathy.

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     The Faculty Council under presidency of Dr \Gamal El Saeed , the University president , Prof. Dr. Hussein El Maghraby, the University Vice-president for Education and Students' Affairs and Faculties' deans has approved the suggested plan to develop the Digital Information Network of the University. On the other hand, Dr \ Tarek El Sheshtawy , the executive manager for Information technology said that the development plan for the digital Information network at Benha University requires strengthen the infrastructure , internet and upgrade the internet speed at all faculties .  

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