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The committee of pharmaceutics sector in the supreme council of universities visits a number of buildings in Benha University to choose one of them to be the building of the faculty of pharmacy for two years. This committee is presided by prof.Dr. Maher EL-Domyaty, Zagazig university former president and the membership of prof.Dr. Hamed Allah Zidan, an expert in the world healthcare organization and the professor in the faculty of pharmacy, prof.Dr. Salwa eL-Miligy, the dean of the faculty of pharmacy in Sadat Academy, prof.Dr. Ramadan EL-Domany, the dean of the faculty of pharmacy in kafr-sheikh University and prof.Dr. Atef Abd EL-Baky, the dean of the faculty of pharmacy in port-Saied.  The committee is accompanied by prof.Dr, El-Sayed EL-Kady, the university president, prof.Dr. Hesham Abu El-Enin, the vice president of post-graduate studies, prof.Dr. Mahmoud Abd EL-Sabour, the dean of the faculty of medicine and the prof.Dr. Muhammad Saied, the geometrical chancellor of the university, Mr. Wahid Khalawy, the general secretary of the university and prof.Dr. Magdy Thabet, the head of EL-Qulubia pharmacy specialists. 

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Prof.Dr. Khalid abd-Fattah Muhammad, the head of knowledge sector in the supreme council of the universities honors the prof.Dr. Osama Hamed, the deputy of the faculty of arts as the best manager of the digital library around Egypt in addition to honoring Mr. Mahmoud Ebbed, the manager of the libraries in Benha University as the best coordinator of the digital libraries and the Egyptian knowledge bank around the Egyptian universities     

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The committee of the educational studies sector of the supreme council of the universities has approved, in its meeting which was held on Saturday, to establish a branch of the faculty of education in Shibin El-kantar. The supreme council of the universities has approved on the request of Qulubia governorate representatives to set up the faculty in order to serve the inhabitants of Shibin El-kantar and the surrounding villages.
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